Calling All Kids!

Hi!  This is the part where I get to tell you a little bit about myself…

I am one of three sisters and a mom of two great kids.  I like to go for walks and cook and eat and paint and read and sometimes I design things like fabric and other people’s living rooms.   I also like to sit on my couch or the porch and do absolutely nothing for awhile.  Except maybe think a little.

My big sister lives in California, The Golden State, where I also have a little niece and a brother-in-law who helps to make movies and is kind of a big cheese (or at least a medium cheese) out there.

My little sister lives in Georgia, The Peach State, with my other brother-in-law and all my southern nieces and nephews who like to run around and whoop it up down there.

I am the monkey in the middle.  I live in Connecticut, the Nutmeg State.  Wasn’t it nice of them to name the state after me?

I live in a very old house (built in 1791!)  which sits in the middle of some very big woods on the edge of a very small town.  There is a family of bears who lives in these woods but so far we haven’t met any of them.  We have one very serious cat named Smokey and one very silly one named Larry.  We also have a guinea pig named Martini – not because she drinks martinis but becuase when she was born she was teeny.   My teenage daughter is here with me and sometimes my son but he is grown up now and living in Philly, which is short for Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love.

When I was younger I used to live all over the place.  At different times I lived in Bean Town (Boston), The Big Apple (New York City), The Big Smoke (London), The City of Angels (Los Angeles), The City By The Bay (San Francisco, where my lovely daughter was born), and even The Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand, where my wonderful son was born).  Can you find New Zealand on a map?  Hint:  it is way down under!

My mom was born in New York, the Empire State, and my dad was born in Ohio, The Buckeye State.

I was born in Chicago, The Windy City, but we moved from there when I was only one so I don’t have any memories of it, windy or not.  Isn’t it funny that we we can’t remember all those nice times when we were babies and everyone did absolutely nothing but ooh and aah over us?  I sure wish we could!

I wonder where you live?  Maybe you will write to me and tell me.  I’d love to hear from you!

Meighan Morrison 🙂

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