GAMES FOR CHANGE – Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games

Games for Change is the leading global advocate for supporting and making games for social impact.  Non-profit curators of 138 very cool, very innovative video games.  Their games?  Awesome.  Their mission?  Game changing.  

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING  “At least two generations of people have grown up with games and … it is part of their DNA to want to express themselves in that form. The bandwidth [of videogame emotion] is usually tension and competition—a sense of aggression. That’s changing.” Tracy Fullerton, professor at the University of Southern California

Mission Statement:

Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games

What they do:

Founded in 2004, Games for Change facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.



Ruin the world by manipulating parliaments and exploiting the working class. Also, the map isgame details

“I solemnly swear to not do dumb stuff around trains.”game details

How do your body’s systems work? Learn by helping Fred survive a terrifying night in the details

Can you prevent global warming? “Let’s Pretend.”game details

Need motivation to exercise? Try outrunning the zombie details

Infect as many people as possible before humanity finds a details

Every 387 downloads of this bike racing game sends a bicycle to an impoverished details

Launch your character across challenging platforms in a quest to become details

Battle against your fears to learn problem-solving details

Resolve the desolation of the balance between nature and details
and many, many more…

1018 Thanks. And counting.

When I started the relaunch of Long Live Earth 6 weeks ago I didn’t know what to expect.  Yesterday the website broke a thousand views – many, many thanks to all that have taken the time in their busy days in this busy world to take a peak.  Only 5 days left to pre-order  – 10% of proceeds from all pre-orders to be donated to 350.0rg (working tirelessly to solve the climate crisis).  A happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

Earth home stanz pic


Less that $10,000, zero emissions, runs practically for free using compressed air and cute as a button.

Seriously?  WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

Why have I not heard about this amazing vehicle until now?  It has been in production for years but apparently several fits and starts have prevented it from getting to the US market thus far (though it is already in use in France and India).  I have a sneaky suspicion some of those big car corporations are none too happy to see this baby take off.  Well, tough beans because word is that the Airpod will be available stateside by the summer of 2014.

“Airpods for Everyone!” I say.  Get ready to drive the new People’s  Car.

All that’s left to do is pick your model and your color.

See all options here.

UN climate talks near end with money at issue. And so it goes.

 “We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut LA Times

Kurt Vonnegut survived the WWII Allied firebombing of Dresden, Germany, when he was a prisoner of war. (Caption and photo Los Angeles Times)

U.N. Climate Talks Near End, With Money at Issue

By David Jolly

Published: November 22, 2013

WARSAW — The United Nations climate conference ambled toward a conclusion on Friday, with delegates

saying that the meeting would produce no more than a modest set of measures toward a new international

agreement two years from now. As usual, the biggest dispute was over money.  (Entire article here.)

Can’t See The Forest For the Trees…

In this case the trees are dollars and the forest is the future of our children.


I live in town where Helen Keller once lived.  The middle school is named for her and there are reminders of her peppered throughout the school and the town.  I think of her often.  It’s difficult to imagine the challenges she faced.  We all know her story.  She was both deaf and blind but that did not stop her from being able to see or from being able to hear.  Or from being able to speak her wisdom.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  –  Helen Keller

All of you folks at the UN climate talks (that includes you, Australia, and you, America and Japan and Canada and the list goes on)… listen up.  Here is the latest report card on your progress (or lack thereof).

It’s not good enough. Not even close.

From the Voice of America
Pamela Dockins

November 21, 2013

WASHINGTON — Disputes over finances have hampered progress at U.N. climate talks in Poland as delegates debate how to best provide aid to help developing countries fight global warming.
Meanwhile, a small group of protesters outside the talks expressed displeasure over how financial issues have bogged down efforts to prevent climate change.
Developing countries are challenging wealthy nations to follow through on a pledge to allocate $100 billion a year to help them deal with climate change. The commitment is supposed to be in place by 2020, yet there is concern that industrialized nations are not living up to that promise, according to Simon Bradshaw, a climate change spokesman at Oxfam.
“The worry is that developed countries just have not delivered fast enough on the finance commitments that were made right back in 2009. We have seen very little new money on the table this year and we have not seen strong, credible plans from any country on how they are going to scale up their contributions,” said Bradshaw.
The talks on climate change are taking place as the Philippines continues to reel after being devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.
The World Bank estimated that global economic losses causes by extreme weather — such as this storm — have risen to nearly $200 billion annually and could continue to rise as climate change worsens.
However, the talks have come at a time when many industrialized nations are trying to spur growth in their stagnant economies.
“We cannot have a system where there will be automatic compensation whenever severe weather events are happening in one place or other around the planet.  You can understand why this is not feasible,” said Connie Hedegaard, the European Commissioner for Climate Action.
Mary Sering, the Philippine representative at the talks, criticized the lack of an agreement on greenhouse gas emissions.
“If we are to review our progress, would it be right for me to conclude that we failed miserably?  Looking at science and how it manifested itself, not only at Typhoon Haiyan but also other events, like Katrina in the United States, the heat wave in France, the wildfires in Australia, and other extreme events occurring after observed increased warming, should we not be all ashamed being here?” asked Sering.
The conference continues through Friday. The group hopes to lay the groundwork for a 2015 climate agreement.



When my daughter was little we happened upon a documentary about hippies.  She was  4 or 5 at the time.  She was glued to this thing which was a painless and fascinating history lesson in 1960’s counter culture.  Some of the hippies did bad things (drugs), but most of them were really nice and did good things (made daisy chains). Right, mom? Right, sweetie.  Mom?  Yes?  I’m going to be a hippie.

Here’s to all the hippies, the old kind and the new 21st century kind,  a few of which Steve Davis has chronicled so beautifully in his recent photographic work Back to the Garden.Steve-DavisI am a mother of two babies. I cloth diaper, breastfeed and we do attachment parenting. I try to be as environmentally cautious as I can be with the resources we have today. If only I had a garden available, I would love to live off the land, and grow my own produce, and raise poultry/eggs. In my free time I like to crochet. —Melony, 20, Mother/Student

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI have a psychedelic spirituality, tan bare feet, long dreadlocked hair, have hitchhiked thousands and thousands of miles, chased the Dead when Jerry was still alive, dance under the stars at electronic music festivals, soak sky-clad in natural hot springs, live in my jeep wandering up and down the West Coast, and currently am camping at a communal village in Santa Cruz with a tribe of beautiful open-minded Free Spirits in Love with Life. —John, 37, Tattoo Artist

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI believe that the earth is alive, full of true wisdom, deserving of respect and love, and that we are completely lost if we don’t get to know her. —Jorie, 25, Natural Builder/Pizza Cook

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI don’t usually claim to be a hippie, though I hope others see it in me, because claiming it seems presumptuous, like claiming to be intelligent or enlightened. People might see me as a 21st century hippie because I care about the earth, animals, plants, people and social justice. I make important decisions primarily from my conscience rather than from my wallet, for convenience or for other reasons, and I try not to let others’ opinions of me affect me too much. —John, 40, Professor

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI’m a 21st century hippie because I fully support counter culture and gypsy life. —Eleanor, 28, Student/Artist


Steve_Davis_PhotographyHumanity is shadowed by looming insecurity, and a distortion of ideals, this leaves us scared and perpetually alone. I try not to let fear stifle my opinion of this beautiful planet that has graciously hosted us (and in turn we infect her like a plague of locust). I try not to let fear mast my smile. Spread your love like butter and we’ll all be golden. —Alex, 19, Fry Cook

Steve_Davis_PhotographyAs cliché as it sounds, I believe in love and peace above all else. —Laura, 22, Student/Tattoo Artist

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI have taken from the hippie ethic what I have found to be meaningful, and have incorporated my own values, influenced, of course, by growing up in the 21st century. Community building is one ethic I am passionate about sustaining into the future. 21st century technology gives us a river of tools and information that can help our generation achieve our goals, particularly by learning about what other people are doing all over the world. It gives communities a way to network with each other, especially, as I have found in my own endeavors, with regards to music and to food. Technologies like the Internet also allow people a platform to share their experiences and beliefs which helps create opportunities for understanding across social divides. —Paul, 22, Student/Musician

Steve_Davis_PhotographyI am a 21st century hippie, because I do my best to live my life within my truth while humbly learning from others. —Jackie, 26, Artist/Student/Barista

“This work represents people who self-identify as 21st century hippies.  This was my sole criterion for selecting subjects.  Several people I met and photographed do not usually reveal themselves as counter culture hippies in a very noticeable way, but they are all able to articulate their connection to the lifestyle, philosophies, or actions of contemporary hippie culture.  A group that is a joke to many, an anachronism to even more, is continually finding new members, more that 45 years after the Summer of Love.”

– Steve Davis 2013 ,