It’s a small planet. From Mumbai, India an interview with the author (me!)


Pratham – Read India. Click image for more…

The world wide web can be a scary and unruly place where dark forces lurk.  But, like the moon, that is only one side of it.  The other (and I think bigger) side is shiny and bright and happy and here all paths lead to amazing people and places, both old and new.  And here we are reminded over and over again of the commonalities that we share regardless of color, class, or country.  Commonalities like love, children, books, music, hopes, dreams…  all the really good stuff.

Recently a writer from India asked if I would be willing to do an author interview for his blog, Pebbles in the Still Waters.  How cool is that?  Pop over here for a quick peek.  Namaste, Jaideep!




Less that $10,000, zero emissions, runs practically for free using compressed air and cute as a button.

Seriously?  WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

Why have I not heard about this amazing vehicle until now?  It has been in production for years but apparently several fits and starts have prevented it from getting to the US market thus far (though it is already in use in France and India).  I have a sneaky suspicion some of those big car corporations are none too happy to see this baby take off.  Well, tough beans because word is that the Airpod will be available stateside by the summer of 2014.

“Airpods for Everyone!” I say.  Get ready to drive the new People’s  Car.

All that’s left to do is pick your model and your color.

See all options here.