My First Post Ever!

Can it really be 20 years since Long Live Earth was first published?

The first time around I wanted this book to make a difference.  Judging from the thoughtful letters that I received from kids all over the world (who are now, no doubt, progressive thinking young adults like my son Ben, now 24) I believe it did.

But this time I’m hopeful that Long Live Earth will make an ever BIGGER difference as we have now reached a truly critical moment in our fight against global warming and climate change.  There is simply no time to lose.  That’s why I will be donating a portion of all pre-ordered book proceeds to, an amazing global grassroots movement committed to solving the climate crisis.  More specifics TBD, but if you don’t already know then it’s definitely time to check them out.  My target date to begin taking pre-orders for the Anniversary edition of Long Live Earth is October 16.  I sincerely hope you will come back over in mid October to pre-order Long Live Earth for you and yours (and in doing also support!).  In the meantime click on the link below and check out some really informative, inspiring videos:

Long Live our Children!

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