Just saying… thank you.

Most of the give-away winners have received their copies of Long Live Earth (yeah!) but some are still waiting (boo!).  A sincere apology to those still waiting… you have not been forgotten and I sincerely thank you for your continued patience.

Also, a big thank you to give-away winner JC for his hat’s off to the stitched illustrations and to fellow Goodreads author Kat Ward for her thoughtful review of Long Live Earth:

Kat Ward  Amy's Own

Long Live Earth not only has a most pertinent message, but the artistic work in the quilts made by the author are impressive. Her rhyming is sweet, funny, silly, and potent, yet easy enough for toddlers and young kids to understand. It should be in every elementary school library and classroom and on every home bookshelf. It’s a feel good book encouraging kids to care and take action without being preachy. Its bright colors and wonderful quilt pictures made it a must read for my girl when she was young (and now she’s a committed environmentalist at 15 years old; just saying).”
Thanks, Kat!  If you haven’t got a copy of Kat’s book Amy’s Own yet, I hope you’ll join me and grab one.

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