The new moon begins tonight, precisely at 7:22 pm eastern standard time…

small moon

I know this because my friend Helen told me so last weekend.  A little background – Helen was definitely some kind of Glinda the Good Witch in a former life.  It’s not documented or anything, but if you met her you would agree.

Astronomically the new moon occurs when the moon is positioned precisely between the earth and the sun and just a sliver of it’s light, if any, can be seen.  Astrologically this occurrence signifies new life, new beginnings, rebirth and optimism.  As such the new moon is the ideal time  to make a wish, up to ten to be exact, and then toss them out into the universe.

Kinda weird that when I decided to launch a new anniversary edition of Long Live Earth I chose today, December 2. I did so for several reasons, none of them related to the moon, new or not.  But they say there are no coincidences.  The older I get the more I tend to agree.  Here’s to new editions, new beginnings and new journeys.

Here’s to all your wishes coming true.